Jetty Condition Inspection Reports

The District Council of Tumby Bay has control of the Tumby Bay and Port Neill jetties under a long term lease agreement with the South Australian Government. Under this lease arrangement the Council undertakes routine and periodic maintenance and regularly inspects the jetty. The most recent detailed condition assessments for these two structures was completed in 2020 and the reports can be accessed below.

Over the last two years the Council has invested considerable time in longer term planning for the future of these jetties, including engaging with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to discuss possible ownership and management arrangements at the expiry of the current lease terms in 2024/25. The Council is concerned that substantial expenditure will be required on these structures in the medium term, particularly on the Tumby Bay jetty. The Council has secured  financial support and engagement from DIT for further investigation on refurbishment and replacement options for the future in order to better understand the likely long term cost to the community of these assets.

The Council understands the critical importance of the jetties to the fabric of the community, and is strongly advocating to the State Government to ensure that jetty access remains a part of our townships into the future.