Become an Australian Citizen

All eligible permanent residents who wish to make their commitment to Australia by becoming Australian citizens are welcome to apply for grant of Australian Citizenship.

Can I apply for citizenship?

You may be granted Australian Citizenship if:

  • you are a permanent resident of Australia, and
  • you have been present in Australia as a permanent resident for a total of at least two years in the last five years, and a total of at least twelve months in the last two years, and
  • you are able to speak and understand basic English, and
  • you understand the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship, and
  • you are of good character, and
  • you intend to reside in Australia or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia.

Application Forms

An application for grant of Australian Citizenship can be obtained from the Dept  Immigration and Border Protection

Where to Lodge your Application?

All completed applications must be accompanied by a fee and should be forwarded to the Dept  Immigration and Border Protection GPO Box 2399, Adelaide, SA, 5001.
(Note: Please do not send cash through the mail)

What happens next?

The Dept  Immigration and Border Protection aims to finalise citizenship applications within three months of lodgment. Less complex applications are finalised within one month, while more complex ones can take longer. All applicants are required to attend an interview.

Citizenship Ceremony

Successful applicants must attend a Citizenship ceremony, the final step in becoming an Australian Citizen. A citizenship certificate, which is the legal proof of Australian Citizenship, is presented at the end of the ceremony.

Ceremonies are arranged on a needs basis, however, a private ceremony can be arranged if there is an urgent need for a Citizenship Certificate for passport applications, job applications etc.

More Information

Contact the Dept  Immigration and Border Protection for assistance on the above. You can also contact the Citizenship Enquiry Line on 131 880 or visit the Citizenship homepage.