Tumby Bay Jetty Update

Published 22nd March 2024

As was announced in last weekend’s The Advertiser, the State Government has pledged $2.4m towards a solution for the repair or replacement of our jetty. We welcome this commitment as it follows extensive negotiations on our part and most importantly, the extent of the government’s commitment is significantly more than any other council has managed to secure.  There are many fists banging on the government’s door as far as jetty disrepair is concerned so to get this response is testimony to the effort Council is putting in on behalf of our community.

It's important to note that the offer from the Government is subject to further negotiation and a list of conditions notwithstanding:

  • We need to match government’s commitment on a dollar-for-dollar basis;
  • We must accept the financial risk of any additional costs associated with the repair;
  • We bear full responsibility for all aspects of the delivery of the project; and
  • We have to enter into a minimum 15-year lease with full responsibility for the care, control and maintenance of the jetty, which implies further financial resource.

Most importantly, as significant as Government’s pledge is, the most up to date and comprehensive estimates Council has been provided indicates total costs over 15 years of approximately $12.55M (2025$), of which the funding offer represents less than 20%.

Council remains committed to finding a solution that will see Tumby Bay with a fit-for-purpose jetty again, at the lowest possible cost, and in the most sustainable manner possible. There is clearly no solution to this matter that will not involve some sort of special ratepayer levy. Government has repeatedly stated that it cannot exclusively fund the repair or replacement of all the jetties along the length of our coastline that are in a similar or worse state than ours.

To test our community’s willingness and capacity for a long-term special levy, we last week launched a survey of all ratepayers asking them to provide an opinion on this matter. The figures quoted in the three options listed in the survey were indicative only and the results will help guide our next steps.

I want to reiterate that the Council is leaving no stone unturned.

We will keep you updated.

Mayor Geoff Churchett

For further information on the jetty updates go to  www.tumbybay.sa.gov.au/community/recreation-and-tourism/jetties and for jetty condition inspection reports go to www.tumbybay.sa.gov.au/documents/jettyreports.