The District Council of Tumby Bay was established in 1906 and covers an area of 266,907 hectares. Tumby Bay is the major centre of the district. It is a coastal town situated on the Spencer Gulf on the eastern coast of Eyre Peninsula. The bay was explored by Captain Matthew Flinders in 1802, and named Tumby Bay. The town of Tumby was proclaimed in 1900, and then officially became known as Tumby Bay in 1984.

Tumby Bay is the centre of an agricultural district, farming cereal crops, sheep and beef and also the tourism industry. In the last twelve months the mining industry has continued to explore opportunities in the area.

Tumby Bay is located 45kms north of Port Lincoln and 630kms by road from Adelaide.
Port Neill is a small coastal town 40kms north east of Tumby Bay. The surrounding area mostly consists of agricultural land. Port Neill is a very popular tourist destination.

Ungarra is a small agricultural based town located 28kms North West of Tumby Bay. The surrounding district is a high producing cereal cropping area, as well as sheep and cattle.

Lipson is a small historic farming town located 12km North West of Tumby Bay. Cereal cropping and sheep farming are the main industries. Nearby mines once produced some of the finest talc in the world.

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