Community Art Exhibition

The Wild Side, 14-17 September 2023

The District Council of Tumby Bay is proud to host a fabulous community art exhibition titled The Wild Side, showcasing artwork from primary and secondary school students within the district, artists from our community who enjoy experimenting with the arts for fun, through to professional artists who may have their works on sale.

Why is it called The Wild Side?

The Wild Side is the tagline used in the new Eyre tourism brand. Artworks can represent everything from:

  • preservation and sustainability – sharing our unique landscapes, wildlife and history; exploring it gently, respectfully and becoming proud custodians of it.
  • personality – gentle giant, wild yet peaceful, big yet beautiful, remote, yet grounded in community.
  • position – a place where people, animals and ancient lands coexist harmoniously. Where we encounter (leafy sea) dragons, (sea) lions and sharks all within its bounds.

Exhibit your work

If you would like to exhibit your artwork at this community event, a $20 fee will cover the costs of radio, tv and print promotion and social media. This fee may be reduced dependent on the number of pieces being displayed.

Artworks can come in any form! Those best suited to display in the hall for this exhibition will be the visual arts - painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and design and contemporary art.

Get involved

We would like to see as many community members / groups represented as possible. Please discuss with your family and friends and get in touch with Marcia Octoman, Community and Economic Development Officer at the District Council of Tumby Bay before the end of August 2023 on 0429 882 070 or email


One Paint and Sip workshop will be facilitated by professional artist Ella Boylan (sold online prior to the event).  Join us for a journey into the world of landscape painting! Discover the art of bringing our natural environment from Eyre, ‘The Wild Side’ to life on canvas in our "Local Landscapes" painting class. Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking to refine your skills or a curious beginner eager to explore the realm of painting, this class is designed to inspire and nurture your creative spirit.

Three Paint a Plate workshops will be facilitated by Kayla Window from Retro Squid Pottery (sold online prior to the event) on Sunday 17 September commencing with workshops for 7-16 year olds who will design and paint their own ceramic plate with a thrilling and adventurous theme. For the adults, Kayla will guide through the process of shadow painting, using real leaves and gumnuts collected from the beautiful Eyre Peninsula traced onto a ceramic plate and then painted with underglaze.

It’s going to be AMAZING!