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Community Wastewater Management Scheme


The Council owns and maintains Community Wastewater Management Schemes (CWMS) for the collection, treatment and disposal of domestic wastewater in Tumby Bay and Port Neill townships. In addition to protecting public and environmental health of our community and surrounds, these schemes store treated effluent which is available for beneficial re-use on public areas including foreshore lawns and sporting facilities. Approximately 60 million litres of treated effluent is available for re-use every year, equating to around $200,000 of annual water savings.

Any queries in relation to this service should be directed to the Works Manager via the Council office.

CWMS Pricing Policy and Schedule

In accordance with the requirements of the Water Industry Act, the Council publishes an annual pricing policy statement and pricing schedule, in the format required by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.

CWMS Pricing Statement(91 kb)

CWMS Pricing Schedule 2020-21

CWMS Operational Policy

The following Council policies apply to CWMS operations.

Policy 10.5 Establishing Property Units for Community Wastewater Management System

Policy 10.6 Community Wastewater Management System Connections and Wastewater Disposal

Policy 10.18 Port Neill CWMS

Water Industry Hardship Policy for Residential Customers(60 kb)