Update | Tumby Bay Jetty Closure

24th November 2022
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Jetty Update - Decision of Council

A Special Meeting of Council was held on 23 November 2022, to consider representations made by the Tumby Bay Jetty Group and members of the community with respect to the re-opening of the Tumby Bay Jetty (jetty).

A short-term fix of the jetty to allow it to be opened to the public at the earliest opportunity was discussed.

The Council agreed that this option was worthy of further consideration and requested the CEO to appoint Tonkin Consulting to prepare a scope of works that addresses both the full remediation and partial remediation options outlined in the most recent WGA report, prepared following the closure of the jetty.

The scope of works will be for the remediation out to Bent 30, which allows use of the swimming platform and provides limited fishing and squiding.

Tonkin Consulting, in conjunction with the Council, will run a select tender process for the identified works which will inform Council further and assist with their decision making.

Council had previously allocated funding under Phase 3 of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI Program) towards the remediation of the Tumby Bay and Port Neill jetties.

Due to the requirement under the LRCI Program to complete constructions by 30 June 2023, Council has allocated Phase 3 funding to the Port Neill jetty remediation.

Remediation of the Port Neill jetty will deliver considerable medium-term benefits and, in turn, permit Council to turn their minds wholly to the issues affecting the Tumby Bay jetty.

This decision will allow Council to allocate the LCRI Program Phase 3A funding, subject to tender costing, to the Tumby Bay jetty along with the money held in the Council’s jetty reserve fund.

Due to consultant availability and the Christmas period, it is not possible to scope and tender works for the Tumby Bay jetty to meet the LCRI Program Phase 3 time constraints.

The Council continues to work productively with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) on options to refurbish or replace the Tumby Bay jetty. The Council is focused on the long-term community benefit of the Jetty and will work proactively to ensure Tumby Bay has a jetty for future generations.

24 November 2022