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Current Project Status (as at December 2016)

The construction contractor, EP Civil and Earthmoving, has completed construction of the wastewater treatment and storage lagoon. Two community pump stations and a community septic tank to service foreshore properties on Cape Burr Road have been installed. All collection pipework has been installed, with the exception of drains to service the Cape Burr Road foreshore properties, which are programmed to be installed in February 2017. Minimal civil works are programmed to be undertaken during January in order to avoid conflict with the increased number of people in the township during the summer holiday period. We currently expect completion of the project and the ability to start accepting property connections to the scheme in the first half of 2017.

The irrigation tank to receive treated wastewater has now been installed at the town oval, and the sub-surface irrigation system for the oval is expected to be completed by the end of April 2017. This work will be undertaken by Eyre Landscaping and Irrigation, based out of Port Lincoln.

The initial desludging of all septic tanks across the township has been undertaken, and all property owners will have received a letter detailing the findings from an inspection of size and condition of the tank. Any action noted in this letter that needs to be taken in relation to the septic tank will need to be completed before it can be approved for connection to the CWMS. Following this initial desludging, the Council will continue to arrange desludging of tanks on a four yearly cycle to ensure they are appropriately maintained.

Construction Contacts

This contract work is being managed on behalf of Council by Tonkin Consulting with on-site support from Rashlee Pty Ltd. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the construction works, please contact:

                                MR MIKE STEPHENSON (On-site representative)
                                0417 876 846
                                (RASHLEE PTY LTD)
                                MRS CARMEN WENTROCK
                                8273 3100
                                (TONKIN CONSULTING
Construction Layout – Issued  for Construction

The ‘For Construction’ issue of the CWMS Layout Plans can be accessed here. These plans are subject to variation during the construction process, however can be used by landowners to view the proposed connection point location for their properties. Any enquiries in relation to connection point locations can be directed to Peter Stanley at the contact details above.

Preliminary Design Documents

The Preliminary Design Consultation Report below was released by the Council in January 2014 as part of the formal consultation process on this project. Written feedback received on the project through this consultation process has been summarised in the document Public Feedback Summary, also available below.

Preliminary Design Public Consultation Report

Addendum to Port Neill CWMS Preliminary Design Public Consultation Report

Appendix B - Scheme Boundary

Appendix C - CWMS Layout Plans

Public Consultation Feedback Summary

Project Updates

The following updates have been provided to ratepayers throughout the development of this project.

3 April 2013

14 November 2014

16 June 2015

10 December 2015

20 June 2016 - Port Neill CWMS Connection Point

20 June 2016 - Port Neill Desludging Septic Tanks

6 December 2016 - Port Neill CWMS Update

Further information

Further information on this project can be obtained by contacting the Council’s Works Manager, Damian Windsor, on 8688 2101.

CWMS Pricing Policy and Schedule

In accordance with the requirements of the Water Industry Act, the Council publishes an annual pricing policy statement and pricing schedule, in the format required by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia. Please click on the headings below to access these documents

 Pricing Policy Statement

 Pricing Schedule

CWMS Operational Policy

The following Council policies apply to CWMS operations.

        Policy 10.5 Establishing Property Units for Community Wastewater Management System

        Policy 10.6 Community Wastewater Management System Connections and Wastewater Disposal

        Water Industry Hardship Policy for Residential Customers

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