District Council of Tumby Bay

Public & Environmental Health

Environmental health focuses on the prevention of diseases caused by the physical, chemical, biological, social and physiological factors in the environment that we live in. Therefore, it is significant that environmental parameters are assessed, corrected and controlled in order to protect the health of the community.

Environmental Services Officer's have an imperative role in the community. They are authorised under various government Acts and Regulations to undertake numerous duties to assess, control and maintain public and environmental health and safety standards in the community.

A significant role of an Environmental Services Officer comprises of routine inspections to ensure that various premises providing services to the public meet the requirements of current legislation. Premises which are routinely inspected include food premises and food transport vehicles, childcare centres, hairdressers, beauty salons and premises where skin penetration occurs, cooling towers and warm water systems, supported residential facilities and public conveniences. Public swimming pools and spas are also inspected and sampled on a regular basis to ensure that they are operating in accordance with the relevant standards. Temporary food premises and food stalls operating during outdoor events are also inspected after hours.

Environmental Services Officer's are also obligated under various Acts and Regulations to investigate complaints received by the public that are related to food and other health matters, including environmental health. If you have a health related concern, please complete a Request Form or contact Council's Environmental Services Officer (Emma McDonald) on (08) 8688 2101.

Other roles of an Environmental Services Officer are to maintain water quality and air quality, ensure appropriate water treatment and wastewater disposal, pest control, health promotion and health education, including food safety education, disease prevention and immunisation.