District Council of Tumby Bay


8.1 C.F.S. Permits

That pursuant to Section 38 (1) of the Country Fire Act 1989, Council seek CFS Board approval for the following to be appointed Authorised Officers to issue permits:

  • TPJ Franklin
  • CA Franklin
  • M Allen
  • C Birkin
  • J Kemp

8.2 Appointments Re Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Act

That Mr Trevor James Smith be retained as Council's Senior Executive for administration of the Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Act with Mr. D.C. Watson to be appointed as Council's Internal Rehabilitation Co-ordinator.

(01/02 - Folio 177)

8.3 Appointment of Planning Consultant

That MasterPlan Town and Country Planners be appointed as Council's Planning Consultant on a retainer basis.

8.4 Appointments Re Section 152 (3) of L.G Act - Fixed Charge

That pursuant to section 44 of the Local Government Act, 1999, the Council hereby resolves to delegate to Trevor James Smith and Dion Craig Watson the powers, functions and duties pursuant to Section 152 (3) of the Act, including power to require such information or evidence as may be reasonably required to determine such applications.

(03/04 - Folio 480)

8.5 Appointments Re Section 260 of L.G. Act

That pursuant to Section 260 of the Local Government Act, 1999, the Council hereby appoints Trevor Percival James Franklin as an Authorised Officer and to carry out the powers outlined in Section 261 of the said Act.