District Council of Tumby Bay

Refuse Sites

Caves Transfer Station nformation

Tumby Bay

The Tumby Bay Transfer Station is open on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3:00pm to 4:00pm (Including Public Holidays except Good Friday and Christmas Day) and Sundays 9:00am to 10:00am.

 The Transfer Station may be opened outside these hours however a $55.00 opening fee applies.

 Refuses Prices area:

 - Landfill $70.00 per m3

- Green Waste / Wood $16.00 per m3

- Cardboard $20.00 per m3

- Concrete $21.50 per m3

- Concrete with Rio $32.50 per m3

- Cleanfill/Scrap Steel $ No Charge

Scrap Steel is accepted free of charge, this includes car bodies. Tyres to be removed once on site.

Port Neill

The Port Neill Refuse site has been closed and converted to a Transfer Station. It is open every Sunday from 9.00am to 10.00am.

The fees at the Transfer Station are as follows :

Skip (hard waste, green waste not suitable for shipping, household waste)
Large Trailer                        $20
Small Trailer                        $10
240 Litre Bin                        $5
Medium Size Garbage Bag     $2
Double Mattress                   $10
Single Mattress                    $5

Green Waste (tree/garden trimmings suitable for chipping)
Small Trailer                        $5

Trailer                                $5
Smaller Quantity                 Gold Coin Donation

White Goods
Large Items (fridges)          $10
Small Items (microwaves)   $5

No Charge

No TVs, computers, gas bottles or tyres.

Categories of waste must not be cross contaminated or the hard waste fee will apply.  Enquiries: 8688 9090


The Ungarra Refuse site has been closed and converted to a Transfer Station. It is open on the last Sunday of every month from 2pm - 3pm.

The Transfer Station fees are as follows :

Hard Waste: $56 per cubic metre

Green Waste: $10 per cubic metre

Metals: Free

Tyres: $7 (car) $25 (truck) + $10 if on rim

Batteries: Free

Electronic Goods (E Waste): $1 per kg

Household Waste will not be accepted.

Categories of waste must not be cross contaminated or the hard waste fee will apply.  Enquiries 0427 321 726

Rubbish Bin collection day for Tumby Bay, Lipson, Ungarra and Port Neill is every Thursday from 6am.